Learn about Indigenous Veterans

Indigenous veterans were equals on the battlefield but not when they returned to Canada. Learn about some of Canada’s Indigenous veterans

Tommy Prince posed as a local farmer to repair a severed communications wire in full view of enemy troops. He is one of Canada’s most decorated Indigenous soldiers.

Francis Pegahmagabow was awarded the Military Medal with two bars during the First World War.

Charles Marvin ‘Checker’ Tomkins served as a soldier in the Canadian Army and as a code talker in US Air Force.

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Listen: Toasted Sister Podcast

The Toasted Sister Podcast is all about food. Host Andi Murphy says “after contact, Indigenous foodways and knowledge were devastated, nearly destroyed and replaced with foods that are far from the people.”

So, she went on a journey and talked with dozens of Indigenous People about food. She shares stories about what Indigenous cuisine is, where it comes from, where it is headed and how it is connecting people to communities and their traditions.

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Use StoryMap to learn about Treaties

StoryMap by Canadian Geographic Education is designed as a resource for teachers to introduce and to understand treaties and agreements between Indigenous Peoples, the Crown, the federal government, as well as provinces and territories. The journey starts in what is now called upstate New York, then moves to the eastern coast of Canada before going west, and final north. Topics covered include Pre-Confederation Treaties, Numbered Treaties, Métis scrip, and Inuit land claims.

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See the work of Rebecca Belmore

Rebecca Belmore, a member of the Lac Seul First Nation (Anishinaabe), is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary artist. Rooted in the political and social realities of Indigenous communities, Belmore’s works make evocative connections between bodies, land and language. In 2005, she was Canada’s official representative in the Venice Biennale, an international contemporary art exhibit.

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Daphne Odjig

Daphne Odjig, an internationally recognized and renowned artist, was one of Canada’s most celebrated Indigenous artists. Her work exposed political issues, the marginalization of Indigenous children and women, and the issues of colonization. Along with being the first First Nation woman artist to show at the National Gallery of Canada, Odjig received the Order of Canada, the Order of British Columbia, and seven honorary degrees.

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Water Is Life

The Water Is Life learning package is a series of four lessons plans that draw on on land-based learning, centered on women’s teachings about, for, and from Mother Earth, with a specific focus on water and its connection to land and the Indigenous Peoples living on Turtle Island.

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Canadian Geographic and its publisher the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, created an interactive website, re: Location,  as part of a larger initiative dedicated to highlighting community relocations n Canada. Learn about communities (historic and modern) that have been forced to relocate.

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The REDress Project

The REDress Project focuses on the issue of missing or murdered Aboriginal women across Canada. It is an installation art project based on an aesthetic response to this critical national issue. The project has been installed in public spaces throughout Canada and the United States as a visual reminder of the staggering number of women who are no longer with us. 

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Learn about Ruth Cuthand

Artist Ruth Cuthand was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, of plains Cree, Scottish and Irish ancestry. Her creative practice ranges from printmaking, painting, drawing, photography, and beadwork and influenced by her childhood experiences of diseases, settler/Native relationships and living conditions of Indigenous peoples.

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Listen: All My Relations

The podcast All My Relations, hosted by Matika Wilbur and Adrienne Keene, explores relationships — to land, to creatural relatives, and to one another. Each episode invites guests to delve into a different topic facing Indigenous Peoples today – they play games, laugh, and even cry sometimes.

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Listen: Warrior Life Podcast

Mi’kmaq lawyer Dr. Pam Palmater hosts Warrior Life, an Indigenous podcast focusing on a lifestyle that focuses on decolonizing our minds, bodies and spirits while at the same time revitalizing our cultures, traditions, laws and governing practices. She interviews grassroots activists, Indigenous leaders, and knowledge keepers.

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