Elder In The Making: Sacred Ground

Elder in the Making is a documentary series featuring Cowboy Smithx (the “x” is silent), a Blackfoot searching for his identity, and Chris Hsuing, a first generation Chinese-Canadian filmmaker, on a trip across Treaty 7 territory to re-discover their shared heritage. In this episode Cowboy and Chris head out to the grassland prairies. They find an ancient land marked by thousands of years of history and a complex ecology of bison, grass, and other life.

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Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel comes in many different forms, and their significance and use are culture-specific. However, along with shape, a fundamental similarity is the representation of the interaction of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Learn more in this video from Bob Joseph.

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Listen: Toasted Sister Podcast

The Toasted Sister Podcast is all about food. Host Andi Murphy says “after contact, Indigenous foodways and knowledge were devastated, nearly destroyed and replaced with foods that are far from the people.”

So, she went on a journey and talked with dozens of Indigenous People about food. She shares stories about what Indigenous cuisine is, where it comes from, where it is headed and how it is connecting people to communities and their traditions.

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