Donate to support Indigenous language preservation

Consider donating to support Indigenous language preservation in Canada as a way to contribute to these languages and preservation of Indigenous culture. Consider the First Peoples’ Cultural Council, Indigenous languages revitalization programs at universities, cultural centres, Indigenous organizations, grassroots initiatives cultural heritage museums and more.

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Read the Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s Report

Everyone, at some point in their journey of Reconciliation, needs to read the 94 Calls to Action recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to “redress the legacy of residential schools and advance the process of Canadian reconciliation.” Or connect here to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission Final Report to read other sections and excerpts.

We have included this action in every category and every path on this website as a reminder of how important it is for us to understand the history and path of Reconciliation in our country.

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Ask People Questions About What Terminology They Prefer

Take care and time to use proper terminology by reading articles like 9 Terms to Avoid in Communications with Indigenous Peoples.

When you’re unsure about the proper terminology to use, simply ask. While there are many resources and guidelines available, terminology may also have to do alot with personal preference. Be willing to have those conversations about identity and terminology and learn as you go: Indian Country Today

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